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The idea of a cell phone functioning as just a phone is an inaccuracy. Especially within the last 2 years the cell phones capability has become elevated to the level of a handheld computer. Convergence Mark Jackson Pacers Jersey , or the process of merging multiple devices into one, rapidly dissolved as the cell phone devoured any rival device.

Due to this technological metamorphosis, whole product categories have been destroyed by the cell phone. The following is a memorial to the five devices that became victims of "techno-evolution."

The Pager(Beeper)
One of the gadgets that everyone had to have, which the cell phone completely eliminated. At one time they were used by professionals to take business calls or voicemails when restrictions were placed on giving out their personal cell numbers, or use of a phone. The most notable users of pagers(aside from pimps and drug dealers)was in the medical field, were immediate contact and response is essential and without frequency interference to critical life sustaining devices. However Myles Turner Pacers Jersey , newer technologies have emerged to replace the pager within the healthcare setting.

The Ultra Mobile PC
When the Ultra Mobile PC was created, like the "Frankenstein" monster it was an experiment destined for failure. Occasionally an outfit will "exhume the remains," redress for aesthetic appeal and market the idea once more. Again, cell phones caused the demise. With extremely high pricing, difficult keyboard, and inefficient power source Jeremy Lamb Pacers Jersey , the Ultra Mobile was nothing more than a miniature computer. The cell phone in contrast, offers an operating system and interface designed for the modest hardware on which it will run. Virtually inexpensive, and the power sustains for longer duration.

Even more so, cell phones have become more powerful. Essentially the iPhones, and Blackberry's are nothing more than handheld computers which happen to have a phone attached.

Or Psion Organizer was the combination of an address book, notepad Domantas Sabonis Pacers Jersey , and electronic calendar. It was extremely challenging to use. Being as complex as it was, it took the cell phone to give it an abrupt end. The address book being the cause to it's demise. It was inconceivable to generate a call and then physically imput the number. As a result of process improvement, the calendaring functions of cell phones improved and thus the PDA was downsized.

Landline Telephone
Until recently, research findings have estimated the number of households with only cell phones(14 percent)has surpased the percentage of homes with only landline phones(12.3 percent). This is mainly due to the number of younger adults who have become more dependent on the cell phone rather than the landline telephone, and want to leverage the costs associated with one source of communication instead of two.

Also, 911 calls are one of the main reasons to keep a landline because if an emergency exist Victor Oladipo Pacers Jersey , it's directly linked to a single address for location purposes when emergency services responds. Another advantage is the reliability, voice quality, home security monitoring, and transmission issues(especially in rural areas)that exists with landline. And that's until technology develops more efficient ways to provide those benefits with the cell phone, and then ultimately "pulling the plug" on life support.

Answering Machine
The common answering machine or TAD(Telephone Answering Device), uses voice commands to answer your phone whether you're home T.J. Warren Pacers Jersey , or not. It summons a pre-recorded message or outgoing message to the caller, and records a message from the caller, called an incoming message.

Since answering machines are connected to a landline telephone, if your line has transmission issues, you will lose messages. Voicemail however, is always reliable in that its generated through the service provider. Also Reggie Miller Pacers Jersey , trying to retrieve messages out of the home is next to impossible with the answering machine.

Basically the answering machine is on "life-support" via the landline telephone, which is also awaiting it's impending "doom."

As the acceleration of convergence technology increases, the major problem however is if you were to loose your cell phone - you've lost ALL the datanumber'smusic etc, that you've saved-right?
Ya just can't win...
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